Roof Coatings

Many building owners have used elastomeric roof coatings and found them to be another effective option if a roof replacement not possible. These coatings create a seamless, “elastic” membrane over your existing roof.


Our seam-free, waterproof membrane system seals the roof from the elements. It gets rid of any entry points where water can seep in and form create roof leaks. Elastomeric roof coatings also don’t require intensive roof-tear-off during application!


In addition giving your roof leak protection, these roof coatings have elastic properties. That means that they will expand in the heat of the day and then contract when temperatures cools down. All roofing systems expand and contract when the temperature changes, but ours won’t crack or bubble due with the ongoing stress.

Considering A Roof Coating?

Roofing Coatings are a common way to protect your commercial roof all over the United States. Many times roof coatings will extend the life of your roof until you are ready for a full roof replacement. Contact us for a free inspection you find out if roof coatings can work for you!

Roof Coating Specialists

At Pro-Shield Roofing & Construction, we believe in the products that we install on customers’ roofs.  Our partnerships with a small selection of Roof Systems manufacturers are a big part of our success.  These corporations allow us to provide premium products to our customers with piece of mind.  We have helped save thousands of property owners from purchasing expensive replacement roof systems.  Our roof restoration process can save you up to 50% compared to a full replacement.